A Camdean mum's plea to help find her little girl's bunny has had everyone reaching out. 

Ava Brown, aged three, from Primrose Avenue, lost her favourite cuddly toy, since she has had since birth, on the number 7 bus last week (February 5). 

Her mum Nicola Stewart shared a social media post on Facebook but despite everyone's best efforts on the hunt for bunny, he is yet to be found. 

By the power of the Press we hope we can change that and reunite Ava with bunny! 

Nicola said: "He is so tatty that he's actually picked up the nickname 'disgusting'! 

"She's had him from day one and despite my attempts to get exactly the same one, she's just not interested!

"This is exactly why I got some more toys, just in case this happened."

Ava, who attends Busy Bees in Castleview, takes bunny most places with her on a day out. 

He also stays in her bag at nursery just, so she knows he is near.

Ava was travelling back from Dunfermline on the number 7 bus, which goes to Leven, when she got off in Camdean at around 4.30pm on February 5. 

Stagecoach have also logged the missing bunny. 

Nicola added: "Her gran 100% remembers her having it on the bus, so I think she might have just dropped him in the excitement of pushing the bell. 

"We have lost him before, but always in the house so you'll know he'll turn up somewhere. 

"We would love to get him back because bunny is so sentimental! He is well loved!

"She has asked for him, but she hasn't been as bad as I expected because she understands that she dropped him, and everyone is doing their best to find him. 

"The bus goes all the way to Leven, so it could be anywhere!" 

Get in touch with the Press if you can reunite Ava with her bunny!