A ROSYTH man is demanding Virgin Media "get their finger out" and fix the mess they've made in his street.

Ron Evans has been left angered by the state of Daniel Place since the company started laying broadband cables in the area.

He told the Press that he had "absolutely no faith" in the broadband provider to return the pavement and grass areas to the condition they found them in.

He said: "They have no respect for the area and the people living in it.

"They have to put everything back to how it was when they found it.

"A lot of the damage caused will only escalate as the new cracks will allow the frost and snow under those cracks and damage the paths even more.

"There are lots of elderly residents in the street. They could slip and they could then need to go to hospital.

"It's a big problem and they've caused substantial damage.

"My message would be for them to get their finger out and repair the damage that they've done.

"I have absolutely no faith in them doing that."

Ron said that Virgin Media began work 10 weeks ago, and said they had ruined pavements in the process.

The 75-year-old was aided by Councillor Sam Steele in contacting a senior manager for the company handling the work.

Ron said that Cllr Steele had arranged for the manager to meet with him and walk him round the area.

Instead, Ron had a phone call from him to discuss the issue.

Ron said: "When we had this conversation, he stated that it was not his problem to repair the paths they had been working on or any damage his workers had caused as the council had not done any work on the paths in the last 30 to 40 years.

"I, in return, stated that I believed all contractors working on public paths roads had to leave them in the state they found them in on starting the work.

"He further stated it was the council's responsibility to make repairs after they were finished.

"Why should the rate-payers of Fife or any other area pick up the cost of damage repair for large companies who are making millions of pounds in profit while our councils struggle to budget to do the basics through lack of government funding?"

Virgin Media must follow and abide by the guidelines set by the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 when carrying out any required repairs to paths and roads following network expansion.

All required works are enforced by the local council and this must take place within two years.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: "Virgin Media is in the process of expanding its network in Dunfermline which will bring ultrafast broadband speeds to local residents and businesses. The condition of roads and pathways has been monitored throughout the build and we will work closely with the council to ensure that any corrective works are completed and meet the required standards.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused."