A HALLOWEEN party in Rosyth ended up with adults fighting and making death threats, leaving children in tears.

The party host was pulled by the hair and punched by Emma McAuliffe, resulting in a court appearance at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

McAuliffe, 35, of Selvage Street, Rosyth, admitted that on October 28, at another address in Selvage Street, she assaulted Cheryl Campbell by seizing her by the hair, pulling her hair and punching her on the head.

She also admitted acting in an aggressive manner by shouting, swearing and repeatedly making offensive remarks towards Cheryl Campbell.

McAuliffe’s partner Ryan Reid, 43, of Randalstown, Northern Ireland, was also in the dock.

He admitted acting aggressively, shouting, swearing and repeatedly making threats of violence towards Gary Hunter.

Depute fiscal Jade Doig explained to the court that Cheryl Campbell was the partner of Gary Hunter, McAuliffe’s ex-partner.

There had been a Halloween party at Ms Campbell’s home in Selvage Street and the two accused were at McAuliffe’s home in the same street.

The depute went on: “A lot of alcohol was consumed. Two children of Emma McAuliffe were at this party. At 12.20am, she was told that her former partner was at the party.

“She was heavily under the influence of alcohol. She stormed into the living room and then the kitchen.

“There was a verbal dispute and then she stormed back out. She returned a few minutes later accompanied by the co-accused.”

The court was told there was a row over whether McAuliffe’s young son should leave with her or stay at the party.

Efforts were made to usher them out of the house and “there was a lot of shouting, swearing and aggression from both”, said the depute.

Ms Campbell came through from the kitchen and “gave a verbal mouthful to the accused McAuliffe”, the court was told.

McAuliffe then pushed her way past two people and grabbed Ms Campbell by the hair, pulled her towards her then punched her.

Mr Hunter, who was himself described by police as “highly intoxicated”, told officers he had been threatened by Reid, who said: “You’re a dead man” and “I’ll have you murdered.”

Stephen Morrison, solicitor for McAuliffe, said she also had her hair pulled and some clumps had come out.

“There was also shouting and swearing coming back the way. This incident appears to have been out of character for her,” he added.

Reid’s solicitor Roshni Joshi said: “Ms McAuliffe was upset when she returned home. His intention was simply to have her child returned to her care.”

Sheriff James MacDonald fined Reid £270.

The sheriff told McAuliffe: “It was an emotionally-charged situation and there may well have been an element of provocation.”

He deferred sentence on her until August 21 for her to be of good behaviour.