THE owners of Inverkeithing Railway Station's kiosk have slammed Amey as they prepare for retirement.

Tommy Gadziejewski and wife Christine are set to call it quits after 12 years when the shutters come down next Saturday, March 2.

They had hoped they would be departing with a new pair of hands in charge but terms and conditions being offered to potential new owners by Amey were described by Tommy, 68, as "corporate greed".

He told the Press: "I had a health scare last year and we had decided in June that we'd call it a day.

"We had a prospective buyer and we agreed terms with her, and then got in touch with Amey, who run the station buildings.

"I thought it would be a two-week turnover, but no. Amey have caused me and my wife eight months of misery in trying to deal with them and we're still no further forward. After eight months, we put in our notice as we felt like there was nothing else for us to do.

"Amey got back to the prospective tenant with terms and conditions which she immediately rejected.

"We've got nowhere with Amey. I don't understand why they're putting these terms and conditions on this small kiosk.

"No-one is going to take it on under the current terms and conditions.

"This place should not be closing. It's as simple as that."

While the kiosk has been open for business for 70-plus years, the last decade has seen Tommy and Christine at the helm, taking over in April 2007.

They had hoped to go out on better terms but insist they'd had a "fabulous time running the business".

Tommy said: "We've run this wee business priding ourselves on our customer service.

"We have a lot of loyal customers here who have been very good to us.

"It's worked out very well for us and we feel we've delivered excellent customer service while we've been here. We really do pride ourselves on that.

"I virtually know everyone that uses the station. I know their names and birthdays!

"We're an old-fashioned-style business that looks after our customers. I'm a great believer in looking after your customers, as they'll look after you in return.

"It gives the station that bit of character to it and I feel the kiosk is an asset to the station. I would hope the customers feel the same way about it, too."

An Amey spokesperson said: "Our aim is always to provide the best retail experience for our customers. While looking for a high-quality retailer, it’s also our duty to review commercial terms on behalf of our clients.

"The rent for this unit was last set in 2007 and it is reasonable that it is updated in line with the current market. We will continue to work with prospective tenants and our client to find the best solution for Inverkeithing Railway Station.”