A ROSYTH train passenger’s first trip out after five months housebound turned into a nightmare thanks to a “jam-packed” ScotRail service.

Ann Reid, 56, suffers from neurological problems which impact her nervous system and affects her speech and ability to walk.

After five months of rehabilitation, she set out on her first trip alone visiting her brother in Glasgow, but what was supposed to be a happy day turned into chaos on the train home from Haymarket.

The peak service was made up of just two carriages leaving Ann to stand for the whole journey.

She told the Press: “By the time we got to the bridge I felt ready to pass out.

“My stop was the next station but if it hadn’t been I would have still got off.

“I did not feel right the whole journey, I’m just lucky I don’t have to go through that every day.

“I couldn’t see a staff member in sight to get help, it was that jam-packed.

“I do not know how they can justify packing all those people into two carriages, I don’t even think they should have been stopping at some stations, it was that unsafe.

“I’ve got on peak trains several times but I have never seen anything like those conditions before.”

Ann continued: “The journey from Glasgow had seven carriages, when the train arrived for Fife I couldn’t not believe there were only two!

“They surely cannot put out so little to Fife but it seems like it’s always the same.

“I feel so sorry for the people that pay for this service every day and are treated like that.

“This was my first trip out in five months and if that ever happened again I would just get off and wait.

“It’s not safe.”

She added: “There were tourists who were on the train panicking that they would not get off.

“They had big suitcases they were trying to get off, before a man told them to wait.

“People had to get off onto the platform before they could even move the suitcases.”

A ScotRail spokesperson said: “We are committed to making the railway open and accessible to all and provide a free assisted travel service to customers who need a little extra help when travelling.

“We know that one of the biggest concerns for our customers is busy trains and we do all that we can to meet demand, which can peak at different times.

“Over the course of this year, we will begin to redeploy more of our existing Class 170 trains to Fife and the Borders. These trains will add more than 5,000 extra seats each day.”

Don't forget ScotRail's boss will be quizzed by passengers this evening (Thursday) at 7pm, Kirkcaldy Town House.