“AND the award for biggest rip-off goes to ... Odeon Dunfermline!”

A Press investigation has revealed that a night at the big screen costs more in Dunfermline than anywhere else in Scotland.

Why should West Fifers have to dig deeper than film fans across the country to see the latest blockbusters?

We’re being fleeced at the flicks and enough’s enough, which is why this week we’re launching our ‘Press, Take, Action!’ campaign, calling on the Odeon to give us a fairer deal.

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A showing at Odeon’s Dunfermline cinema this Saturday night is dearer than ANY of the screen giant’s other cinemas in the whole of Scotland.

An adult ticket for the screening of Green Book, named Best Picture at Sunday’s Oscars, costs a whopping £11.50.

The same film at Odeon’s luxury Edinburgh West cinema – with reclining chairs and tables for food and drink – is £10.25.

Cineworld and VUE cinemas also charge considerably less in their venues in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling.

The cost of seeing the latest blockbuster in Dunfermline is even enough for die-hard film fans to stay home.

Odeon’s ticket prices in the town are keeping cinema-goers on their sofas rather than in the venue’s chairs, as customers refuse to pay more than their mates in the likes of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Kyle Watson, a student from Dunfermline, would much rather wait until the highly-anticipated film of his choosing is on the small screen than forking out at Fife Leisure Park.

He said: “I used to go to the cinema all the time but the prices are putting me off going now. As a student, the prices just aren’t affordable.

“It’s easier, and cheaper, to just wait for the films to start streaming on Netflix or when they come out on DVD. 

"It’s not the same experience but you save yourself a lot of money.

“Going to Edinburgh is a cheaper option and I don’t understand why that’s the case.

“I used to go to the cinema often every month but I’ve missed three or four films in the last few months I would’ve wanted to go and watch because of the price of going. It’s just not feasible.”

Directed by Stephen Merchant and produced by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, their new film, Fighting with My Family, was released in the UK yesterday (Wednesday).

Venues across Scotland are showing the wrestling flick but Odeon in Dunfermline are the dearest option when compared to its other venues, and competing film chains like Cineworld and Vue.

Adults from West Fife will have to pay £12 to see it this Saturday night at 8.40pm.

That’s £1.75 dearer than Odeon’s luxury Edinburgh West cinema – with reclining chairs fitted with tables for drinks – which is showing the same film 20 minutes later.

Teens (aged 13-17) are also being hit hard, with a greater price gap between the two venues. It costs £2.50 more for them to see the film in Dunfermline than Edinburgh. Children, seniors and students all have to pay £2 extra.

Perhaps the biggest blow to families from Dunfermline and West Fife is the prices being offered by Vue cinemas in Edinburgh – a 30-minute drive away.

An adult ticket for Fighting With my Family on Saturday evening (8.35pm) only costs £6 – HALF the price of Dunfermline – at their Omni Centre cinema, a charge that also applies for children, seniors and students.

Film tickets at Cineworld venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow are also cheaper, with only an adult ticket in Falkirk costing more than Odeon in Dunfermline, by 10p. Their other ticket options however, are all cheaper.

When asked by the Press to explain the discrepancy in prices, an Odeon spokesperson said: “There are many factors that influence our ticket prices, including ticket type, time of day, type of film, location, local property rent and other costs.

“Our overall aim is to give our guests the best possible experience at great value, with all prices clearly listed in our cinemas and online.

“We offer lots of choice including Odeon Limitless for our most regular guests, as well as a variety of seat and time choices for everyone, along with regular promotions and deals.”