PITCORTHIE families have been told that there are “no odour” issues at a local burn despite ongoing problems with a foul stench.

Fife Council and Scottish Water have both said that after investigations they cannot identify sources which could have created the smell.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) are also involved and currently analysing samples from the burn.

However, Councillor James Calder said that Fife Council needed to take action and clean out the burns in Pitcorthie.

He recently discovered that they had not been cleaned out since 2012 after discussions with a previous councillor. The Press reported the issue last month when families said they had been enduring the stink since Christmas.

Cllr Calder told the Press: “Locals feel that the burn needs to be cleaned up to help solve this issue. The mess has just been building up.

“Around 30 people turned up to a meeting I’d organised about this so there is a lot of public anger. We feel like there is little action from Fife Council.

“If they maintained the area then it would probably solve a lot of the issues.”

Cllr Calder said he had discovered that the council are responsible for maintaining the burns after they formally adopted the area from Cruden Homes.

Scottish Water has confirmed there are two issues relating to burns in the Pitcorthie area. Along the Whinny Burn, there have been reports of odours, while along the Pitcorthie Burn – which is fed by the Whinny Burn and runs to the west of Queensferry road – there have been issues with sewage-related debris being found by residents. They say these issues are unrelated.

A spokesman said: “Scottish Water has been investigating several issues in the Pitcorthie area. On the Whinny Burn, we have not found any sources which could have created odours.

“At the Pitcorthie Burn, we have been investigating sewage-related debris being found in the water there. We have located possible cross connections from private properties into the surface water network rather than the foul water network.

“We are carrying out further tests to confirm these properties are the source. If so, we will advise the property owners of what action to take.”

Derek Crowe, senior manager for roads and transportation services at Fife Council, said: “Officers have visited the area and we can reassure local people that currently there is no odour and no public health issue that needs addressed.

“However, Fife Council will continue to monitor the area, including the drainage system under the adopted road.”

A spokesperson for SEPA said they were "investigating reports of pollution in the Whinny Burn" and had "taken samples to help identify the cause of the pollution".

They added: "The samples are currently being analysed. We would advise members of the public to contact our 24-hour Pollution Hotline on 0800 807060 to report all potential pollution events.”