A BOX of watercolours on his 10th birthday was the present which started a career for a local painter.

And now Dunfermline artist John Williams is set to showcase his latest work in Fire Station Creative on Carnegie Drive.

His new exhibition, Meanderings, opens tomorrow (Friday) and he admits there’s a combination of excitement and nerves ahead of the show’s opening.

He said: “I received a box of watercolours for my 10th birthday and I’ve been painting ever since.

“I’m self-taught, learning from my own mistakes and always asking myself how I could improve my work.

“There’s a mixture of excitement and nervousness about this upcoming show...but ultimately I feel privileged to be able to have my first solo exhibition in my home town.”

Gallery curator, Ian Moir, said: “John’s dedication has paid off. He’s a consummate painter with a clear vision which he expresses with passion. We’re looking forward to see how it changes the dynamic of our gallery space. Our visitors will love it.”

The exhibition is free and runs until Sunday, March 31.