TALENTED kids from Starlet Dance Studio in Dunfermline are starring in a documentary on the brand-new BBC Scotland channel.

The six-part series, Mini Disco Divas, is following young freestyle dancers who are competing across the country.

And camera crews followed Starlet Dance Studio’s every move for six months last year, from training to competitions, for the show.

Although all of the dance school’s students got their chance to shine, production staff took a particular interest in the story of 10-year-old Jay Robertson.

The Inverkeithing boy featured in the pages of the Press in 2017 when he became a dance maestro in just a year despite cruel bullying from his peers.

Jay has quickly made his way through top competitions to become a UK freestyle champion and his acrobatic moves caught the eye of TV bosses.

Sharron Maxwell, principal of Starlet Dance Studio, who train at Queen Anne High School, said: “It was quite a surprise when they asked us to take part!

“Unknown to us, they had been watching us at competitions and we were one of the chosen six schools in Scotland.

“The kids were ecstatic when they found out, I think it’s every child’s dream to be on TV!

“It’s good publicity for the school and for the sport in general.”

The kids from Starlet feature in all six-parts of the BBC programme but have a starring role in episode two of the series (which aired on Wednesday night).

It’s available on the BBC i-player and follows Jay’s success as well as featuring Sharron and interviews with the children and their parents.

“This will really shine the light on Dunfermline and you’ll get to see how hard the kids work,” she added.

“They train as much as athletes and have to travel all over the country, it’s great that freestyle is getting that recognition.

“I have been teaching for 27 years now and to get an opportunity like this is just great.”

The next episode of Mini Disco Divas is on Wednesday at 8pm.