DUNFERMLINE Central Mosque and Islamic Centre’s annual open day attracted people from all walks of life last Sunday.

The event was organised under the national #VisitMyMosque campaign which aims to break down barriers and stereotypes and work towards building bridges between communities.

And it proved a success in Dunfermline with more than 50 people in attendance who all left with a better understanding of Islam.

Imam Habibur Rahman said: “It is only through mutual understanding and respect can we help this community move forward in creating a better future for all our children.

“On behalf of the mosque, we appreciate everyone for taking out time to come into the mosque, especially if it was your first time and not knowing what to expect, to engage with the Muslim community and acknowledge the true teachings and values of Islam.

“I hope their time at the mosque was enjoyable, refreshing and beneficial. We had some excellent questions which I thoroughly enjoyed answering and witnessed everyone leaving with a greater understanding of their local Muslim community.

“We look forward to seeing them at future events and are already in talks with some of them to work together on local projects serving the community of Dunfermline.”

Sid Akbar, assistant secretary at the centre, added: “Looking at the pictures from around Scotland I think we had the biggest crowd, even more than Glasgow and Edinburgh! We are still punching above our weight it seems even though the cities have much bigger membership, putting Dunfermline on the map again.

“There were lots of local groups there and every one of us takes a lot of pride in Dunfermline.

“It was another great day enjoyed by all.”