THE chairman of Rosyth Juniors FC has spoken of his frustration at being left in limbo due to uncertainty surrounding the town’s new Lidl store.

The club vacated its former Recreation Ground at the end of last season as the land is to be used for part of the new supermarket’s development.

Plans were made for the football team to have a pitch at the Fleet Grounds along with associated changing rooms, fencing and parking but these plans cannot come to fruition until the Lidl deal is completed.

Although Lidl say they remain committed to bringing a new store to the town, a start date is yet to be finalised.

And until the deal goes through, the team is playing on an artificial pitch at the Fleet Grounds while they wait for news on a permanent solution.

Club chairman Davie Ogg said: “The bottom line here is this has gone on for seven years – it might be eight – and we are not a day further forward. 

"It is very annoying because at the end of the day, the club could have been playing there (Recreation Ground) for another season which would have helped generate income.

“However, on the other side, when we have had the bad weather, we have been able to play on astro so when we have been able to play and others haven’t, you are drawing more money from the gate.”

Mr Ogg said the situation needed to be brought together “sooner rather than later.”

He added: “They say there is always light at the end of the tunnel but how long is the tunnel – this tunnel has been seven years long.

“We train there Tuesdays and Thursday nights and we have it booked every Saturday regardless. 

"If it is bad weather, that means we are still getting a game out of it.

“A lot of our boys are playing on the astro and what we would say is, if you cannot afford to splash out to do the new park, why not just build us our own wee clubhouse on the opposite side so we can have that and we can still play on the astro.”

The Fleet Ground’s operators, the South West Fife Community Sports Partnerships, were last week awarded £22,000 for further capital work to enhance the site.

Members of Fife Council’s South West Fife Area Committee approved the funding which is part of the handover and ongoing development of the facility, which was bought from the MoD in 2014 for £133,000.