PUPILS at Woodmill High School are looking glam as they team up with Scotland’s biggest make-up college.

Bunsen burners have been replaced with blusher and brushes as fourth-years take over a science lab each Monday for lessons in make-up from GlamCandy.

The college invested more than £250,000 in Dunfermline last year when they opened their High Street premises.

Zoe Thomson, deputy head at Woodmill, says the programme has been a massive success so far.

She said: “If a pupil went to a career advice meeting years ago and said that they wanted to be a beauty blogger or make-up artist, they would probably have been told to think about a ‘real job’, instead. This is a growing industry and we’ve had a great response from girls, and boys, too.

“I think that it’s helped that the girls from GlamCandy who have provided the training are local and relatable to the girls. They’ve been easy to motivate as a result and we’re actually seeing attendances increase.

“They want to be here on a Monday because they know they have that class to go to later on in the day.”

The class runs from 1.30pm to the end of the school day and, upon competition of the course, the students receive an SQA skills for work award.

Mrs Thomson added that they can then go on to study for an HNC or HND at GlamCandy.

She said: “I think schools can often force their pupils into college and university but there are other options available to them.

“This could lead them to being self-employed and running their own business.

“We want them to know that there a lot of different opportunities out there for them.

“That’s why I spoke with the people at GlamCandy about creating this partnership.

“It’s been a great success so far and the pupils never want to leave the class.

“They never feel rushed and they always wish they had more time.

"They’re in their element.”