A TOTAL of 16 sites have been considered for a replacement Inverkeithing High.

Proposals which could bring three new high schools are set to be discussed next Tuesday and education and children services committee convener, Councillor Fay Sinclair, said council officers had been working to bring plans to the table.

“The important part of building a school, particularly such a big school – we are talking about 1,800 pupils – is finding the right site,” she said. “It is not necessarily saying we will build next door.

“With Inverkeithing, there are challenges around the building, so essentially 16 sites were looked at and it takes a bit of time to go through that and narrow that down.

“There are 10 that have been discounted and then there are still six sites which are still being looked at.”

Those sites are: next to the current Inverkeithing HS; land north of the A921; Rosyth Waterfront; the Fleet Grounds in Rosyth; the HMS Caledonia site in Rosyth; and West Rosyth. 

Cllr Sinclair said that the the inclusion of £119 million in Fife Council’s recent budget for new schools has meant proposals could progress – although funding from the Scottish Government is still required to bring these plans to fruition.

“We have had to get that capital in place before we know what we can do,” she added. “Now that is there, that moves things on significantly. Previously there was £50m put on the table. We obviously welcomed the inclusion of that £50m but that was a token amount.

“The amount that is in there now is a proper commitment and shows we are moving things on and looking at site selection for Inverkeithing High and for Woodmill and St Columba’s and all that work is ongoing.”