A FORMER Inverkeithing High School pupil debuted his own magic show to a sold-out crowd last weekend.

Cameron Young has cast a spell to become one of Scotland's most exciting new magicians, gaining more than 20 million views on social media and winning Edinburgh's Close-Up Magician of the Year 2018.

But it was performing on stage that has been his lifelong ambition and that became a reality last Friday evening at the Rothes Halls.

The 22-year-old told the Press: "It was phenomenal! I was so excited because I put so much work into it for the last five years.

"I got a standing ovation, there was lots of laughing and everybody was cheering.

"I was just gutted when it was over!"

During the show, Cameron balanced objects on top of each other from his school bag, pulled off a stage illusion and threw down his hand on a nail in a bag. It showcased dangerous stunts, illusions, mind-reading and some close-up magic.

"I wrote down the six names of people who were going to help me during the show and then threw out a beach ball to the crowd," he explained.

"Whoever caught it were the names I had predicted.

"One that stuck out to me was I got to perform a trick I made up when I was eight-years-old but I was too nervous to show people back then.

"I balanced about six or seven items from my school bag on top of each other.

"People didn't like what I did at school but quite a lot of those people were in the theatre last week!"

Cameron, who runs his own business, 'Cammy's Magic', will be performing two shows at the Fringe in August.

He will also be auditioning for the London Magic Circle in a few weeks and has been taking time to perfect his craft by watching world-class magicians.

"In November, I spent time at Penn Jillette's house, from magician duo Penn and Teller, who have a residency in Las Vegas," Cameron added.

"It was a great experience just watching how they do things.

"It's been unbelievably busy, and I'm still booked out for weddings and parties.

"I'll be doing another show this year hopefully but it's all in the pipeline right now!"