WEST FIFE passengers faced chaos on the railways on Tuesday night as peak services were cancelled.

Platforms were full to the brim and people were packed into what trains could get through.

The situation was caused by a trespasser on the line at Bathgate earlier that day.

Train crews in and around the area were then out of position and to make the situation worse there was a signalling fault at Haymarket which caused further disruption.

Services affected in and out of Fife were the 16.21, 16.41, 17.16, 18.10 19.11 which were cancelled, while other trains were also delayed.

The same day, Fife SNP MSPs met Transport Scotland to highlight the need for increased capacity on the Fife Circle.

Transport Scotland has previously identified that two of ScotRail's 10 busiest trains serve Fife.

ScotRail has continuously promised that additional rolling stock would be deployed to Fife but concerns have been raised that they are not standing by their commitment to introduce new trains as soon as they become available, with passengers unlikely to see the full benefit of additional capacity until the end of the year.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, Dunfermline MSP, said: "Fife rail users are sick and tired of the overcrowding we are seeing on a daily basis.

"Whilst I appreciate that ScotRail have said that additional capacity is due to be deployed in Fife later this year, this will be of little reassurance to those of us who are struggling to get on, never mind get a seat on, trains in the meantime.

"I’m pleased to have met with Transport Scotland to discuss my constituents' concerns. I was reassured that they are pressing ScotRail to make improvements.

"Now, ScotRail must deliver. If they don’t then it remains within the power of the Transport Secretary to terminate their contract.

"It’s essential that new trains are made available in Fife as and when they are ready."