POLICE were called to the Rumblingwell area of Dunfermline after bones were discovered on the site of a housing development.

Within the last half-an-hour, the Press received local reports that the find was made at the Allanwater Homes development close to Milesmark Primary School.

One source told us that workers at the site were temporarily stopped while police investigated the find, who have confirmed to us that they were animal remains.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "We received a call at 11.30am reporting bones had been discovered in the Rumblingwell area of Dunfermline.

"Expert analysis was carried out and found them to be from an animal. No further action was required."

Within the last few minutes, a spokeswoman for Allanwater Homes told the Press: "The bones were from a cow and were found this morning. The police were made aware and they have visited the site and have now left. Work on the site is now back to normal."