A DUNFERMLINE yard is on "lockdown" after a case of equine flu was identified.

A horse being treated at The Steading Livery and Training Centre has tested positive for the illness after travelling extensively through Europe.

There is a very low risk of the horse being contagious but the owners and breeders are being warned to be vigilant by experts.

A statement by the business read: "It is with great sadness to report that the pony mentioned in Loch Levens Equine Flu Alert tonight is at our yard.

"All new horses to our yard are placed in quarantine but given the current outbreak and the fact that he was travelling extensively via corporate transportation he was immediately placed in strict quarantine with extensive bio hazard practices in place and only his owner has been handling him.

"We are a small yard and there has been no movement of horses on/off the yard since his arrival.

"We are of course on full lock down, but would like to stress that despite the very low risk of him being contagious, we will of course continue to monitor all the horses here.

"Our thanks go out to Loch Leven Equine Practice for there support and advice, but most importantly for their help and treatment of the pony."

Equine flu (as equine influenza is more commonly know) is caused by various strains of the influenza virus that affect the upper and lower respiratory tract of horses, donkeys and mules. 

A national outbreak of equine flu earlier this year which was found in both vaccinated and unvaccinated horses caused stables to be closed and horse racing meetings cancelled for almost a week.

Mid-Scotland & Fife MSP, Alexander Stewart said: “It is of great concern to learn about the reported case of Equine Flu at The Steading Livery and Training Centre near Dunfermline.

"This will be a worrying time for the Equine community and for all those using the centre.

"No doubt they will be seeking the most expert Veterinary advice and care available, in order to ensure their horses are in the best of care possible and that this small outbreak can be contained.”