NEIGHBOURS of Crossgates Primary School have blasted “selfish” parents who drop off their children and park on double yellow lines. 

It’s been claimed that two cars were involved in a crash last Monday morning just along from the entrance of the school because parents had obstructed the road. 

Fenella Hamilton, of Dunfermline Road, says it’s “only a matter of time” before a child is hurt. 

“This accident was caused by the wilful selfishness of parents dropping their children at school who had parked on double yellow lines,” she said. 

“This obstruction of the road is a daily occurrence and the resulting bottleneck causes oncoming traffic to swerve the illegally-parked cars. 

“One car was shunted forward and upwards, bouncing off the kerb – had a pedestrian been passing they would have been injured. 

“We believe it is only a matter of time before a child is hurt as a consequence of the traffic situation caused by the parents parking.” 

On Monday, a driver swerved to avoid another car on Dunfermline Road and as a result ran into Fenella’s parked car. She said the axle of both cars were damaged and claimed that they were likely to be written off. 

She said the driver was shaken up by the incident but when confronted by the mayhem caused by their actions, parents were “totally unapologetic”. 

Damage has been done to legitimately-parked cars in the pas according to Fenella and the Hamiltons have suffered lost wing mirrors and scrapes and dents along with other neighbours on the street.

Fenella added: “The principle teacher was very apologetic and the school is just as fed up as us. 
“I know they send out advisory warnings and actually have a teacher standing by to stop parents driving past a sign that says ‘No entry’. 

“Parents just pay no attention. 

“I’ve been told that every child is in walking distance of that school but it seems that parents just don’t want to walk.

“We’ve talked to councillors and transportation but there’s not much they can do if they don’t catch them in the act. 

“The current situation is ridiculous, even if we take a photo they can’t use it as evidence.”

An increase in traffic has been seen on the road with nearby developments and more HGV passing through a village road that does not have the infrastructure to cope.

The Hamiltons are so fed up, they’ve decided to move and are building a new house. 

Annabelle Ewing MSP said: “Traffic restrictions, such as double yellow lines, are there for a reason and to park on the double yellows outside a school is dangerous, selfish and irresponsible.

“Many schools involve pupils in creating school gate traffic safety campaigns. Perhaps some parents need to listen more carefully to their children on this issue.”

Phil Clarke, traffic management lead consultant, said: “While we haven’t been contacted by any individual residents, local councillors have raised concerns about traffic in this area. We are investigating the issues raised and will respond to them soon.

“Parking Attendants will be visiting the area close to Crossgates Primary School and carrying out enforcement of the waiting restrictions. Police Scotland will also carry out patrols in the area to ensure people are driving safely.”