SLICES of Italian cuisine has Dunfermline's mouths watering as local takeaway eating habits have been revealed.

Fresh data served up by Fresh Eat has found that the town's most popular order with the online food delivery service is a Margherita pizza.

Sausage and Doner Kebab take second and third place, with Fish & Chips and Hoagies rounding off the top five.

The full top ten is as follows:

1. Pizza Margherita.

2. Sausage.

3. Doner Kebab.

4. Fish & Chips.

5. Hoagie.

6. Chicken Kebab.

7. Munchy Box.

8. Pizza. 

9. Chicken Korma.

10. Chow Mein.

The 2018 figures from Just Eat also showed that one out of every six orders placed in Dunfermline was for pizza.