ROSYTH residents and businesses have been left frustrated by a lack of action from the authorities after rogue workmen dumped waste last week.

A white tipper transit van was witnessed several times dumping rubble on Unwin Avenue near the Yellow Coloured Cafe.

As well as being an eyesore, the rubbish is also blocking a path which leads to Camdean Primary School.

One man reportedly injured himself, tripping after he tried to get past the mound.

Neighbours said they had reported the incident to both the police and Fife Council since the incident first took place on Thursday April 4 but say nothing has be done.

Neil Arundel, an employee at the Yellow Coloured Cafe and resident at Hilton Garden City, told the Press: “On April 4 they (the workmen) came twice in a day and they came back again a couple of days later.

“There is so much there they have blocked the path that leads down for the kids to get to school.

“It’s a case of climb over it or walk all the way around to the road.

“Ewen Brand, who owns the cafe, contacted the police and council, as well as SEPA, but nothing has been done.

“Nobody has come to take it away and the police haven’t come to ask any details.

“We have a video of the van driving in and away but it doesn’t actually show them in the act because a Sainsbury’s lorry came and blocked the view.

“It’s one thing fly-tipping but actually blocking the whole path instead of just putting it to the side on the land seems completely strange to me.

“It’s a concern for us because one gentleman actually fell trying to get past the rubbish and bumped his head.

“Hilton own the whole of the land here but nobody has seen any work going on since October.

“Obviously the opportunity is there to fly-tip.”

In a recent edition of the Press, West Fifers were urged to clean up their act after 42 bags of rubbish had to be cleared from an area between fences at the Civil Service club in Rosyth.

There have also been further incidents of fly-tipping in the area in recent months.

Last August, warnings were raised that increased charges at Fife Council’s recycling centres could lead to more fly-tipping by businesses.

Councillors agreed in the summer that they would charge businesses for commercial waste to recover £1.5 million per year of taxpayers’ money.

One resident of Hilton Garden City, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Press: “One neighbour got out to challenge the workmen but he was told to mind his own business.

“It looks like an absolute disaster.

“We’ve gone to the police and council – as residents we just don’t know where to go from here.

“There were quite a few gardens in Camdean and Rosyth that were getting work done to them last week so maybe they can help to identify these people.

“But the police have not even been out to speak to anyone.”

Dawn Jamieson, safer communities manager at Fife Council, said: “We carried out an investigation when this was reported to us and the matter has now been referred to Police Scotland.

"We are currently trying to ascertain who owns the land in order to get the materials removed.”