A NEW health clinic at Dunfermline Central Mosque was launched by Provost Jim Leishman last Friday.

A partnership with NHS Fife and Dears Pharmacy, it provides free screenings and consultations with medical experts.

Local pharmacist Naseem Sadiq organised the initiative as part of the Woodmill Road mosque’s aim to create new events and clubs to support the community.

The health checks will take place seasonally with the next event, looking at diabetes, heart disease and nutrition, in the summer.

Naseem explained: “Being newly appointed to the mosque committee as head of health and wellbeing, and with a background in pharmacy, I am keen to help improve the overall health within our local community.

“In Islam, it is encouraged to take care of our health and wellbeing. We had attendance from all age groups within the local Muslim community. It is also important to note that this service is open to all members of the public who wish to attend.”

He added: “It was encouraging to receive all the positive feedback from those attending the clinic. I hope that by a process of education we can help everyone improve their lives and personal health.”

The first clinic exceeded expectations with over 40 people in attendance and Ajaz Mohammed, chairman of the mosque, said: “I am very delighted with the direction our new committee is taking our mosque with the various events, new clubs being created and the start of our health clinic as further work in community engagement and offering more services was a key objective for us.

“We deliberately chose and selected committee members who had specific skills to enable us to create subgroups designed to focus on an education academy, sports, health and wellbeing and a women’s group.

“The support from the local community and our volunteers is truly appreciated and I am very proud of everyone involved.”

Imam Habib Khan added: “The South Asian Muslim community are unfortunately behind others when it comes to maintaining one’s health with high cholesterol, diabetes and other issues very common.

“Some people don’t have the time or dislike going to the doctors so through the mosque we offer a space where people find it easier to seek help and deal with any problems whether it’s spiritual, physical or mental.”