MORE than 650 fed-up film fans have signed our Press, Take, Action! petition calling on Odeon to cut ticket prices in Dunfermline.

The number of names on our petition is now enough to fill FOUR of the venue’s 10 auditoriums at once.

After launching our campaign at the end of February, support has poured in from West Fifers being fleeced at the flicks.

Cinema-goers have made their feelings known through our campaign, with many slating the gulf in prices between Odeon Dunfermline and other cinemas as “daylight robbery”.

A Press investigation revealed that the screen giant’s complex at Fife Leisure Park was the most expensive in Scotland. And the “obscenely high ticket prices” has resulted in 655 names signing our petition demanding that Odeon bosses reduce their ticket costs in Dunfermline.

We asked Odeon on three occasions whether they would be prepared to listen to its customers in West Fife who have voiced their concerns in large numbers.

However, responding each time, they said: “We have a long and proud history in the Dunfermline community and wider Fife area, and our team have been working hard to offer the latest entertainment and warm hospitality to thousands of guests since 2000.

“Our overall aim is to give our guests the best possible experience at great value. There are many factors that influence our ticket prices, including ticket type, time of day, type of film, location, and other costs.”

To sign our petition and join our campaign, please visit: