THREE life-saving oxygen masks for animals have been donated to Dunfermline Fire Station.

Rosyth company K9Active teamed up with Ruffwear UK to present the equipment to local fire service personnel.

K9Active was formed by Zena and Keith Conkey at their Dunfermline home before moving into the old Rosyth Fire Station in November last year.

Zena told the Press that the masks are "very important" to have on engines as they race to local fires.

She said: "During a fire sometimes pets may run away or hide in the house. They can inhale a lot of smoke, so it's really important the fire service have masks that fit them properly so they get the most amount of oxygen.

"Human masks are too big, but the masks from the Smokey Paws charity come in three different sizes.

"We felt it was apt to help and give back to the local community. The firefighters were given training on how to apply them properly and they felt it was beneficial."

The Smokey Paws charity was founded to ensure fire stations across the UK have animal oxygen masks on their appliances to help pets suffering from smoke inhalation.