A DALGETY BAY kayaker out on the water on Easter Sunday has captured baby porpoises on film swimming in the Forth.

Jason Canning and his partner Carla Robertson, who were making the most of the cracking weather, got a close look at the porpoises who enjoyed playing around the kayaks for ten minutes.

The couple captured the experience on film to share what incredible nature we have on our doorstep.

Pars fan Jason said:"Myself and girlfriend Carla were out kayaking on the Forth in the glorious weather when we were lucky enough to spot the two baby porpoises.

"They were playing around the kayaks for around ten minutes coming as close as ten meters at times!

"It’s was a fantastic experience!"

Porpoises are closely related to oceanic dolphins and are the smallest cetacean found in Scottish waters.

They tend to be seen alone or in small groups, but they may form larger groups where there’s an abundant food source.

They feed mainly on small fish species as well as squid, octopus and shellfish.

Harbour porpoise range widely around the coast of Scotland, but their population is higher around the West Coast.

They are well known for their playful antics and interactions with humans.

Jason who kayaks when he can around the Forth often meets lots of animals on his ventures.

"We go out when the weather is nice!" he said.

"It’s great because there are so many exciting places to visit.

"There are plenty of seals which love to play around the kayaks, puffins are fantastic and the occasion fish jumping out the water."