ROSYTH families have littered Fife Council with complaints about rats and rubbish clogging up the town's Brankholm Burn near to Camdean Primary School.

A group of residents fed-up with the lack of action have clubbed together in a bid get something done.

Rosyth has been plagued by fly-tipping and littering issues in recent months but the group say the burn in the Camdean area hasn't been cleaned out in years.

Helen Summers, of Wood Place, said: "It's absolutely filthy – there's been rats spotted.

"There's so much rubbish in there that I don't know how the ducks survive!

"We're not getting any joy with the council but apparently they've turned around saying they have no money.

"I'd never seen a rat in my life before this!

"The smell is absolutely awful; last summer I could not walk along there.

"The wildlife have no room to go anywhere, it's a wonder why they are still there.

"We need to get the council to sit up.

"It's a health hazard I would say."

Lesley Adam and Norma Brown, both of Kings Road, and Doreen Allan, of Primrose Lane, along with Helen, invited Press reporter Gemma Ryder along to the burn last Monday.

All sorts of rubbish, plastics, toys and even a duvet were spotted in the water.

Doreen said: "It's absolutely minging; I have seen clothes, shoes, mattresses, all sorts down there.

"But trying to get the council to do anything is difficult.

"They don't even have bins along the path of the burn.

"It's not the biggest problem in the world but it's not nice for the people who live here."

Last month, rogue workmen dumped a mound of waste on Unwin Avenue near the Yellow Coloured Cafe.

The rubbish blocked the path which leads to Camdean Primary School.

And West Fifers were urged to clean up their act after 42 bags of rubbish was cleared beside the Civil Service Club in Rosyth.

Councillor Tony Orton said: "I am aware of issue and will raise it at the next ward meeting on May 8."

A Fife Council spokesperson said: "We haven't received any complaints about rubbish or rats at the burn but officers will visit the area."

Fly-tipping can be reported by filling out a form at or by calling 03451 55 00 22.