A DUNFERMLINE exhibition is surely going to be everyone's cup of tea as a Tunnock's Teacake show is served up.

Robert Mach believes the Scottish family favourite's wrapper is a "thing of beauty" and it was its design which inspired him to create artwork dedicated to the famous confectionary.

He said: "Even the act of flattening out the wrapper, after scoffing the biscuit, is an act of sweet pleasure.

"While applying them, I find something intrinsically cheerful, pleasing and amusing in the transformation that takes place and the covered object seems, somehow, to become more precious.

"A completely smoothed out Tunnock's Teacake wrapper is a thing of beauty and so, like a sheet of gold leaf, it seems only natural to use it to gild objects.

"Although the material is designed to attract and enhance, it is an inviting prospect to take it somewhere darker and to continue to explore, and to see what can be done."

Although he’s been a practising artist for 25 years, it is only recently that Robert, the brother of famous Scottish sculptur David, has focused on the development of his own work.

Mach 'foiled' the walls at the Royal Academy in London recently, created piglets for the Sovereign Art Foundation in Hong Kong and is in the process of completing two 'Oor Wullies' for Scotland's first ever nationwide Hospital Charity Appeal.

'Foiled Yet Again' is on display at Fire Station Creative from tomorrow (Friday) to Sunday, June 2. Entry is free.