A GOVERNMENT-FUNDED scheme that could see drivers paid thousands to give up their cars will be explored by Fife Council.

Motorists could receive up to £3,000 if they hand over their vehicles and opt for cleaner solutions, such as public transport, in a pilot scheme in Coventry expected to start later this year.

The plans have been drawn up in a bid to tackle air pollution and congestion and Fife Council has been asked if they have any similar plans to tackle this issue.

Councillor Jonny Tepp asked full council last week: "Coventry City Council has entered a partnership with the UK Government offering drivers up to £3,000 to give up their cars. Has Fife Council discussed any similar scheme with the Scottish Government?"

Councillor Altany Craik, convener of the economy, tourism, strategic planning & transportation committee, explained that the scheme was not something they were currently considering in Fife but they were happy to look into the scheme and find out more.

In the pilot scheme, credit will be loaded onto a travel card and smartphone app for use on public transport, vehicle sharing or green hire schemes.

The trial is designed to determine how much money an individual requires before they make permanent, long-term changes to their travel routines, habits and patterns.

Cllr Tepp added: "The facts as I understand them are motor cars are the largest net contributors to climate change, so I wondered if we had any targets to reduce car use in Fife?"

Cllr Craik said: "Given that it has just been declared as a national emergency, I am sure we are all going to be looking at it very carefully.

"But we will look into the Coventry scheme and feedback to you Councillor Tepp and I'm happy to take any input you think might help."