POLICE have slammed three drivers for travelling at "completely unacceptable speeds" in Dunfermline, with one car racing past at nearly DOUBLE the speed limit.

The East Safety Camera Unit clocked three motorists well over the 30mph limit on Halbeath Road on Wednesday last week.

Mobile cameras detected two drivers registering speeds of 50 and 51, while another was caught speeding at 58mph.

Andy Jones, East Safety Camera Unit manager, said: “It is disappointing that, in one day, the East Safety Camera Unit detected three drivers well in excess of 30mph, which is particularly dangerous in a built-up area. 

"We have continued to enforce on the A907, Halbeath Road, this year and are still detecting a significant number of motorists over the speed limit. 

"When comparing the statistics from the same time period in 2018, there has not been any increase in the numbers detected. However, we would have hoped that the continued presence of the mobile camera van would have acted as a deterrent and there would have been a decrease in the number of motorists in excess of the speed limit."

And the road is now one of four that have been identified by community officers in West Fife to receive 'daily attention' throughout May as they look to crack down on drivers exceeding the speed limits.

Dunfermline's Halbeath Road, Woodmill Road and Sandpiper Drive will all be monitored, as well as Main Street in Crossford.

The Press reported earlier this year that police officers had caught 399 speeding drivers on Halbeath Road, near Fife College, during 2018. The speed camera, positioned past the college’s Halbeath campus and before Asda supermarket, was fifth-highest in Fife for recording speeding offences last year.