THERE are plans for £1 million repairs on a main traffic route through Dunfermline. 

Fife Council has identified the Lyne Burn bridge at Halbeath Road as one of five high priority structures in the Kingdom that must be strengthened. 

A report by Ken Gourlay, head of assets, transportation and environment, said: “Bridge failures are rare, however, recent high-profile collapses reinforce the need for bridges to be safe for use and fit for purpose with increased political and public interest.”

The council currently maintains 443 bridges and 283 retaining walls with a total replacement value of around £387m. 

While there are ongoing repairs and maintenance, the council said there were five top priorities in the Fife Bridge Strengthening Programme for 2019-23. 

As well as the structure in Dunfermline, two bridges in Leven, one at Guardbridge and another at Broad Street in Cowdenbeath will bring the repair bill to £7.3m. 

Mr Gourlay said: “The Lyne Burn Bridge passes beneath the A907 Halbeath Road (close to the Halbeath Drive/Whitefield Road junction).

"Elderly temporary propping has been installed along the length of the culvert to avoid having to impose a weight restriction on this busy traffic route.

"However, the props are now reaching the end of their serviceable life, hence the replacement/strengthening scheme is necessary to meet modern vehicle loads. 

“Much of the cost is associated with the diversion of services during the works. 

“Wherever possible, we shall look to minimise and/or avoid such diversions by propping and supporting public utilities plant during the replacement works.”

The repairs in Dunfermline are scheduled to start in 2022-23. 

Mr Gourlay added: “While the overall condition of Fife’s road structures is generally good, there is an historic and persistent backlog of bridge strengthening and maintenance work which requires sustained capital investment.”