FIFE COUNCIL have rebuffed claims that a burn in the Baldridgeburn area of Dunfermline is an "environmental disgrace".

A concerned resident had suggested there was a sewage and litter problem in the burn, which runs under the Glen Bridge.

The stretch of water is currently home to shopping trolleys, abandoned clothes and pieces of rubbish.

But the council says talk of there being a sewage issue is false after officers visited the site.

Dawn Jamieson, safer communities team manager, said: “The council, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service work together to tackle a range of anti-social behaviour issues in this area.

"We regularly clean up at the Glen Bridge where we can safely access but the steep gully gradients can prevent a thorough job being done.

"We are not aware of any sewage issues in this area and haven't received any complaints. An officer visited the site earlier today and there was no sewage evident at the burn. We would advise members of the public to report any problems to SEPA and or Scottish Water."

Concerns had been raised by a nearby resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

They said the smell emanating from the water was "absolutely awful", and added: "I walk up that nature trail by the burn most days, day and night. I pick up what I can. There's been a jacket sitting in the burn for three months along with a rucksack. There's been shopping trolleys dumped in there and all sorts.

"I know this has been going on for the 11 years that I have lived here. Furthermore, the litter is highly strewn all the way to the Glen Bridge and has been since Tesco has existed.

"It's an environmental disgrace which is deliberately being overlooked by the council."