DUNFERMLINE pupils' traditional half-day end of term is to be scrapped.

For decades, schoolchildren across Fife have finished at lunchtime on the last day before the Christmas and Summer breaks but there is to be no early finish from later this year in a bid to save money.

Fife Council say that transporting pupils at lunchtime has now become complex and costly since a change in legislation.

Shelagh McLean, head of Fife's education and children's service, said: "Historically, Fife pupils have left school at lunchtime on the last day of the Christmas and summer terms. Teachers are contracted to work the full day.

"However, last Christmas, a change to school transport legislation resulted in costly and complex arrangements having to be made to transport pupils, across Fife, home at lunchtime.

"Therefore, we've taken the decision that, as of school session 2019-2020, on the last day of each term, the pupil day will end at each school's normal time and we would encourage all pupils to attend."

All staff were informed of the change this week but David Farmer, of Fife's EIS union, said the decision would not be to the detriment of any teachers.

"At the end of the day, members have not lost anything and the total number of days has not changed," he said.

"There is no detriment to any teachers.

"I think for secondary school teachers the 'muck-up' days are less likely to happen now.

"Social events for staff often happen on these half-days but I think the number has reduced over the last five or six years."