A DALGETY BAY mum and son are lucky to be alive after a champagne magnum was launched at their travelling car from a bridge.

The bottle smashed through Fiona Gray's car windscreen while her six-year-old son, Jacob, was sitting in the back seat, showering them with glass.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon on the Edinburgh city bypass near Hermiston Gate while they were on their way to the Borders.

Miraculously, no-one was seriously hurt and Fiona managed to keep control of her Honda, which had been travelling between 60 and 70mph at the time.

She told the Press: "It sounded like a bomb had gone off.

"We were driving along and all of sudden there was a massive bang.

"We were just sprayed in the face but I managed to slow the car down.

"Thankfully, Jacob had his sunglasses on and I was wearing my driving glasses, but if the glass had got in eyes I don't know what would have happened.

"I'm trying not to think what the worst could have been because it doesn't bear thinking about."

Fiona was left with a sore and bloodied side as the bottle fell through the windscreen and hit off different parts of the inside of the car.

Incredibly, the bottle was still intact and police told Fiona mum they were hopeful they could get fingerprints.

Police have appealed to drivers who may have seen anyone acting suspicious on the bypass between 3-3.45pm on Friday and have asked anyone with dashcam footage to come forward.

Fiona added: "There was an overhead bridge and a footbridge just behind that too so I couldn't really see anyone.

"I was just concentrating on the road.

"It was totally intact when it eventually landed in the back seat footwell.

"It's a very old bottle, it didn't even have a label on it so it was strange.

"There's quite a lot of damage to parts of my car that you would never really replace so it's going to cost thousands.

"The dashboard has gone, the central console, gear stick.

"If you think of the weight of the bottle and the speed I was going, it's just amazing that it didn't shatter over the gear stick because it would have been gone.

"It was definitely not what I was expecting on Jacob's first trip to the Borders."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "At around 3.55pm on Friday, May 10, police were called to a report of a bottle thrown off a bridge on the Edinburgh bypass.

"It struck a vehicle heading eastbound on the A720 near the Hermiston Gait junction.

"No-one was injured but inquiries are ongoing."