A LORRY toppled over after the driver forgot to lower a loader crane and struck a motorway fly-over at Rosyth.

The incident led to 60-year-old John Wilson appearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court where he admitted careless driving.

He had been carrying out a job on the M90 to move an overhead information sign, known as a matrix board, using his loader crane.

However, after securing the board, he forgot to fully lower the crane on the back of the lorry.

He drove off for a short distance before he struck the underside of the motorway bridge, causing the lorry to tip over.

Fortunately, no-one was injured, depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told the court.

Wilson, of Habbieauld Road, Kilmarnock, admitted that on August 31, on the A985 Admiralty Road roundabout, he drove a lorry carelessly with the loader crane extended upward and caused the crane to strike the underside of a motorway flyover whereby the lorry overturned.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said his client had lost his job as a result of the incident.

“He has always accepted that what happened was his fault but did not accept it was dangerous driving as was in the charge,” he added.

“It was an error of judgement in that he didn’t fully lower the crane.”

Sheriff James Macdonald imposed a fine of £180 and endorsed Wilson’s licence with four penalty points.