LIDL have quashed rumours that they had pulled out of a deal bringing the supermarket to Rosyth.

Speculation had been rife over its future but the chain have confirmed that they "remain committed" to opening in the town.

A spokesperson said: "We remain committed to bringing a store to Rosyth and look forward to sharing any firm plans with the community, as soon as we're in a position to do so."

Rumours that Lidl had walked away from the plans had grown in recent weeks after Savills estate agents listed the proposed land for sale online.

The site's property developers, Mactaggart & Mickel, revealed to the Press yesterday (Wednesday) that they were hoping to secure a sale in the coming weeks.

However, the firm said that Lidl was just one "potential" retailer in talks.

A spokesperson said: "We are working with Fife Council to secure the best deal for this site, for which retail planning consent has already been granted. To this end, dialogue with potential retailers – including Lidl – continues. We are keen to hear from all interested parties with a view to securing a sale in the next few weeks."

Planning permission was granted by Fife Council last April for Lidl to build a store in the town by flattening the derelict Yard pub, on Admiralty Road, next to Recreation Park, the home of Rosyth Football Club.

The club vacated the ground in April 2018 and have since been playing at the Fleet Grounds.

Plans were made for the football team to have a new pitch at the Fleet Grounds built, with changing rooms, fencing and parking as part of the deal to bring Lidl to Rosyth.

However, club chairman Davie Ogg told the Press in March that they would have to remain "in limbo" until Lidl's plans materialised.

And Rosyth councillor Sam Steele highlighted to the Press this week how unfairly she feels the club have been treated, while also stating the site has become an eyesore and a hotspot for anti-social behaviour.

"It's just outrageous that after years and years of waiting, we're still not any further forward," she said.

"I feel very sorry for Rosyth FC as it was agreed that they would be getting a new pitch as a result of Lidl coming in. They've had to move and they've lost income.

"The site is an eyesore. There's bits falling off of it into the neighbouring garden, with a rat spotted in the hallway of the house.

"It's not acceptable."

David Campbell, estates surveyor at Fife Council, said: "We've agreed a sale of part of Recreation Park to the property developers, Mactaggart & Mickel. The council is not party to any further transaction that Mactaggart & Mickel may have for the land."