A DUNFERMLINE hairdresser had business disrupted by rude Virgin Media workers who told her to "shut the shop for the day".

Erin Bruce owns Avenue One on Townhill Road and was left angered by the company, who arrived at her doorstep on Wednesday last week.

Workers put up barriers and closed off the footpath blocking access to her salon.

Erin told the Press: "They pulled up on Wednesday morning with no warning and I knew straightaway what they were going to do.

"I asked how long they'd be here and one of the workers told me to, 'just shut the shop for the day'. They were very, very rude.

"They started putting up barriers in front of the shop door. I asked them to move them out of the way. They did, but after my back was turned they just moved them back.

"We had no walk-ins during the day, and I know I can't guarantee it was a result of the work, but we usually do have a few. We had calls from people asking if we were open because they saw all the work going on and the barriers in place. They couldn't see if the shop was open as a result of what was in the way.

"Piles of mud had been left and the footpath was blocked by the barriers, which they ended up propping up against the shop building.

"Virgin Media said they'd phone about the situation within 24 hours but they failed to do that."

Erin wasn't the only one affected by Virgin Media's work on Townhill Road, with nearby residents having their driveways blocked off by further barriers.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “Virgin Media is in the process of expanding its network in Dunfermline which will bring ultrafast broadband speeds to local residents and businesses.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused and are in touch with the shop owner to resolve this issue.”