ROSYTH residents were left perplexed last week after receiving bogus letters from Fife Council advising of changes to their bin day.

King’s Road families were told that bucket collections would be moving back to a Wednesday but council officials advised that this was untrue and insisted that the letters hadn’t come from the local authority on Facebook.

Locals and the council have been left wondering where the fake letters have come from.

Residents of King’s Road experienced problems with bin collections in February and the council moved the collection days to a Saturday.

A community council meeting was held specifically about the issue after the council said they were looking at cutting down a 60-year-old hedge that restricted access for bin lorries to the street.

Danny Hughes, chairman of Rosyth Community Council, said: “We had a big open meeting with residents, Fife Council and the local councillors.

“Fife Council are looking at various options to solve the problem but I do not know what is going on there.

“The residents were angry but I don’t know who would take it upon themselves to give the wrong information.

“It’s a bit of a strange one.”

When the Press spoke to residents in King’s Road they said the letter came on Fife Council headed paper and looked legitimate.

Councillor Andrew Verrecchia said: “It must have looked partly convincing.

“It could be part of a mickey-take but someone sent it and I’m not sure why someone would try to tell people the bin collection had changed.

“Someone could have been up to no good or staff might have made a genuine mistake and they don’t want to face the repercussions. We might never know.”

A Fife Council spokesperson confirmed that the letter did not come from the local authority.