THE speed limit approaching Halbeath Park and Ride is to be cut to help commuters walking to the hub.

A 50mph limit has been agreed covering the stretch of road right up to the Crossgates roundabout.

Improved signs warning drivers of pedestrians crossing the road will also be installed.

Halbeath commuter Alan Scott has been fighting for safer pedestrian access across the A92 for the last four years.

He said that it was “only a matter of time before someone is killed” trying to cross the 70mph A92 and was backed by Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman after the Press published his campaign in August 2017.

Alan said: "The campaign was eventually taken notice of when I contact the Press. Shortly afterwards, Douglas Chapman was in contact and on-board.

"I was hopeful that a green-man pedestrian crossing and a 40mph speed limit could be implemented.

"This is what I repeatedly pushed for with Mr Chapman, the council and Transport Scotland.

"In May last year, we were told by Transport Scotland there would be no green-man crossing but the speed limit would be reduced to 50mph.

"I am of course happy that the speed limit is to be reduced from 70mph to 50mph as every little helps. But it feels like this is the bare minimum Transport Scotland could 'get away with' in an attempt to cover their backs in the event of an accident.

"It will still be a dangerous 50mph dual carriageway with no safe crossing point.

"I am grateful for Douglas Chapman's help in this campaign but I just wish the resulting decision from Transport Scotland didn't fall so disappointingly short of what's required for safe access to the Park and Ride."

Calls for safety measures were also made last October by Crossgates Community Council after concerns were raised at a meeting.

Mr Chapman said: "I have been pursuing this matter with Transport Scotland for almost two years now. I am pleased that an extended 50mph speed limit has now been agreed at the site to cover the stretch of road right up to the Crossgates roundabout.

"Whilst I understand it may take a few months for the necessary Permanent Traffic Regulation Order procedure to be carried out before this can proceed, I believe improved signage is to be installed immediately which will provide some improvement in pedestrian safety in the interim.

"I appreciate and share the frustration of some of my constituents at the slow pace of developments at this site but I hope that the latest update provides assurance that progress is being made."

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: "We have been reviewing and developing a design solution for this 50mph limit since 2018.

"Consultation with Fife Council and Police Scotland regarding the proposed 50mph speed limit on this stretch of the A92 has now been completed and subject to any objections to the new speed limit order, it is hoped that the 50mph limit can be implemented in October 2019, following completion of the statutory consultation period.

"In addition, we have also recently completed the installation of ‘pedestrians crossing’ warning signage on this stretch of the A92."