ECO-FRIENDLY pupils from Pittencrieff Primary are leading their school community to becoming plastic-free.

Youngsters, under the watchful eye of teacher Emma Smith and with help from Plastic-Free Dunfermline's James Daws, are making small changes around the school which they hope will eventually lead to them having a school without single-use plastics.

Miss Smith has been delighted with the progress made so far – which has even included ordering eco-friendly school ties for August's Primary 1 intake.

"It has been really worthwhile so far," she said. "The kids amaze me and they are the generation we need to inspire.

"We are trying to become single-use plastic-free but it is one step at a time. We cannot just do it in a one-er. A lot of the children have got their families on board too.

"We have ordered ties which are made from recycled plastic bottles which is good and they will be coming in with the new P1s.

"We are also working with a company called Terracycle who recycle empty crisp packets. So we sent them away to them and they make them into new things and however much you recycle, you get money back to the school and the school donates to an environmental charity.

"The kids love it and the playground is so tidy since they started doing it. It also means that our bins inside are emptier and not overflowing. It just helps with everything."