A DUNFERMLINE man’s threats to kill himself resulted in a siege situation at Broomhead flats.

Anthony Cummings, 27, of Broomhead Drive, was shouting, swearing and then headbutted a wall, causing himself injury.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said at around 8pm on Sunday April 28 Cummings had sent electronic messages to a female friend which contained images of self-harm to his arm and of him headbutting a window.

She contacted the police and when officers arrived Cummings threatened to kill himself if they entered his home.

“It was declared a siege situation by the police,” added the depute.

Specialist officers were called in and at around 9.20pm the incident ended. Cummings was taken for treatment in hospital where he again headbutted a wall, cutting his head and continued to threaten to kill himself.

Defence solicitor Stephen Morrison said his client was misusing alcohol and amphetamine at the time.

Sheriff Craig McSherry imposed a four-month restriction of liberty order.