A FALKIRK supporter has been jailed and given a football banning order after causing trouble on the day of a recent match at East End Park.

Craig Brown, 22, didn't even go to watch his side beat the Pars but stayed in town centre pubs drinking before eventually being arrested at the train station shortly after the match had finished.

Sheriff James Macdonald branded the landscaper a "thug" and told him there was no alternative to a custodial sentence before putting him behind bars for 20 weeks.

Brown, of Kilmory Court, Tamfourhill, Falkirk, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

He had previously admitted that on April 13, at Dunfermline Town Railway Station, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner when he attempted to run after a group of football supporters and thereafter shouted at a police officer and threatened him with violence.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said Brown was with a group of around 15 Falkirk supporters who had been deemed to be "risk supporters" and were being escorted by police to avoid any potential conflict.

They had gone to the Guildhall and Exchange Pub before being escorted to Coadys Bar where where there appeared to be a stand-off with some Pars fans.

"The accused was seen as one of the main instigators in shouting, swearing and taunting which was going back and forth," said Mr Kapadia. "At about 4.45pm, around the time the fixture was due to be finished, the Falkirk supporters who were still being escorted by police officers were escorted to the railway station to go on the train back to the Falkirk area.

"Once en route, a small group of Dunfermline supporters who had left the football match began walking in close proximity to the Falkirk supporters, prompting the accused to break off and attempt to run after the Dunfermline supporters."

Brown, who was visibly under the influence of alcohol, was stopped by police. When they got to the train station, he complained to another officer about the treatment by police of he and his friends and told one officer: "If you didn't have that yellow vest on, I would take you down the car park and kick you up and down the place."

After being told to calm down, he added: "I am violent, you don't know who I am" before he took off his jumper, threw it to the ground and attempted to square up to the police officer.

Solicitor Roshni Joshi said her client had been out of trouble since 2017 and his partner was due to have their baby in July.

"It is clear that alcohol was a very significant factor in terms of his behaviour, particularly having been out of trouble for what is a fairly significant period," she said. "He is under no illusions that the court takes these matters seriously.

"He is clearly ashamed he has found himself in this position."

Sheriff James Macdonald told Brown he had been with a group of "supposed Falkirk fans" who police were trying to get on trains.

"You chose, rather than attend the game, to go to various hostelries in Dunfermline with the intent to goad any opposition fans you could see," he said.

"There can be therefore no doubt this was a planned offence on your part. At one point, you boasted of your violent tendencies and expressed surprise that officers didn't know who you were.

"You are a thug – that is what you are. Having a good job and a stable home life doesn't detract from that."

He sentenced him to 20 weeks of imprisonment and imposed a football banning order for 18 months.