A KELTY marathon legend ran the last 10 miles of his latest race with a broken leg!

Mike Copeland, 39, was having no problems during the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday until he hit the 16th mile and felt a twinge.

The dad-of-two pushed through the pain but it wasn't until he took a trip to hospital on Monday that he found out he had been running with a fractured fibula!

Doctors were astonished that he had managed to get through the run but Mike has put it down to pure adrenaline!

"I had already run a 10K and 5K on Saturday as part of the marathon festival and everything was fine," Mike explained.

"But by mile 16 on Sunday I had pain and it just got progressively worse.

"It was painful but I thought I would keep going because if you stop it's hard to get going again.

"I completed it and the first aid team thought I just had some soft tissue damage but advised me to get it checked out.

"I thought I'd just leave it to the morning but it wasn't any better!

"After a while, the hospital staff realised it was broken.

"My first thought was: 'How on earth can you run on a broken leg?!' But it seems it is possible."

It was Mike's fourth marathon after completing his first just last year at the same event in memory of his dad, who died of cancer.

The Fife Council worker only took up running two or three years ago to get fit but caught the bug.

He joined the UK-wide Road Runners Club and has won three silver medals at different competitions so far.

He had 13 races booked in for the year but the injury will put him out for the rest of the season.

No-one knows how Mike broke his fibula but medics have put it down to beginning as a possible stress fracture.

"I've had injuries in the past such as torn ligaments but I knew this was a different type of pain on Thursday," he said.

"I just completed the London Marathon in April and saw that a man and woman had run it with a broken leg and ankle, and I said how can you run on a broken leg?!

"There was me on Sunday running past people with cramp and telling them to keep going and I was running with a broken leg, you have to laugh!

"It's one of those things, maybe it was the adrenaline of the event that made me do it.

"Luckily, the doctor said I had not caused any more damage to the fracture. They were completely shocked.

"I'm now sitting here with a moonboot unable to go to work.

"At first, I was telling my friends what a legend I am but then a wave of depression came over as I realised I'm going to miss out on everything!

"I told my wife today I might be capable of running a marathon on a broken leg but I'm not capable of anything now. I tried to change the kids' bed linen and that seemed harder!"