A SPEEDING driver was left in tears after brushing a postman with her car in Inverkeithing last week.

And one local resident feels “lives are now at risk” on Hillfield Road as a result of people parking their cars on the pavement which has forced pedestrians to walk on the road.

Gary Redpath, said: “The last few weeks have seen two near misses, with one postman and one disabled person coming close to being knocked down due to the pavements being congested by vehicles and the road having to be used by pedestrians instead.

“With this street having no speed bumps and very limited 20mph speed signs/double yellow lines to street corners, the vehicles are unrestricted and travelling in excess of an estimated 40mph at times.”

Garry Haldane, Communication Workers Union (CWU) rep for Dunfermline Delivery Office, confirmed that a postie narrowly avoided being hit by a car early last week.

He said: “He waited for one car to drive past but as he stepped out onto the road, another car flew by round the corner.

“He wasn’t hit fully but the car brushed him.

“The woman was crying and stopped immediately and got out of her car to apologise to him.

“Thankfully, he wasn’t injured but he was left pretty shaken up.”

Mr Redpath is calling for speed bumps to be introduced on the road, adding complaints made to inconsiderate car owners had “fell on deaf ears”.

He said: “This road is a bus route and vehicles are parking on the corners of pavements, particularly at the junction of Hillfield Crescent to Hillfield Road, which leaves the buses or any vehicle exiting, with a restricted view of the roads and adding to the risk of a collision or pedestrian being knocked down.

“One can’t help thinking that it will take an accident or fatality to happen before anything is done.”

The issue has been raised with Councillor Alice McGarry, who said: “Hillfield Road is a very difficult situation.

“The vast majority of drivers will be following the 20mph speed limit in place but there’s no doubt that there’s issues up there.

“People parking on the pavements should be leaving room for pedestrians to get past. It’s down to the residents to park appropriately.

“I really do sympathise.”