FAMILIES in Culross say parking problems are blighting the village.

Culross Community Council is trying to find a resolution to an issue where cars are parking on pavements at Low Causeway which is causing access problems and damaging slabs.

Chairperson Lynne Smith said they were working with Fife Council and local businesses in their efforts to curb the problem.

"We started last year because, yes, people do park on the pavements at both sides of the road," she said. "They think they are being helpful because they are not blocking the road.

"Last year, we had had complaints about the pavements being smashed with the weight of the cars. Last year was problematic because tour coaches joined in and were starting to park on the pavements and also little mini buses who were coming up with Outlander tours.

"It has been building up and has been getting busier and busier every year with more and more companies coming. We photographed the coaches and got their numbers and contacted them and politely requested they use the two free car parks which were here and that they were damaging the very area that they were bringing people in to see.

"In the main, we got replies and they said they would tell their drivers and it was addressed."

After liaising with Fife Council, the community council was given parking cones which were placed on the pavement.

"This was going quite well until earlier this year when somebody stole all the cones," added Lynne. "Every single one was stolen overnight. Since then, we haven't been able to do anything because the council has not given us any more cones.

"They were going to look into things like making the free car parking signs clearer. If you are a tourist, you might not know that the parking is free or that it is just 20 metres away.

"An alternative was to install bollards to stop people parking on the pavements at the two sides of the road there. We have to make sure there's enough room and no trip hazards."

Lynne said businesses were growing and opening in the village because of the tourist flow which has come from the Outlander tours and they want to ensure the area is looking good.

"We are in touch with businesses in the village and we want to work together so everyone benefits," she added. "It is part of the bigger picture of making Culross better and more logistical. If legislation comes in this year regarding pavement parking, that would solve everything. It would reduce it and may get cars parking at just one side of the road."

Fife Council say they have discussed the issue with the community council but added that cars driving – or parking on – pavements was a matter for Police Scotland.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said their officers would give attention to the area as part of routine patrols.