A MUCH-LOVED West Fife charity has finally found a new home after years of searching.

The Hyperclub, which helps children and adults with learning difficulties, has been desperate to expand their much-needed services and will now be joining up with the Yes-U-Are Partnership, who are trying to revitalise the crumbling Erskine Building in the centre of Dunfermline.

The move is providing a lifeline for both charities with the Hyperclub achieving their ambition of having their own space and the Yes-U-Are Partnership being saved from the brink of collapse.

The Hyperclub, which was founded in 2012, currently provides services for children and adults at Ballast Bank in Inverkeithing and most recently tried to purchase Rosyth Resource Centre, but their application was rejected by Fife Council.

Suzanne Connelly, founder of the Hyperclub, told the Press: "It is going to be great partnering up with Yes-U-Are.

"We will basically be running the whole bottom part of the church, so we're appealing to all workmen out there because there is a lot of work to be done!

"I've also already applied for DIY SOS to come!

"But even if no-one comes, it won't stop me getting that community building into use!

"We'll sort the space into different rooms and we're also going to put in a kitchen to continue with our community cafe.

"It's great for Yes-U-Are because now they have another 34 volunteers and we'll be right next to the bus station, it'll just be perfect for us!"

Countless businesses and individuals have offered to volunteer their time and skills to provide the Hyperclub with a home.

The group is also hoping to soon provide a five-day-a-week service for clients with plans to be in their new home on Pilmuir Street by January at the latest.

The Yes-U-Are Partnership bought the former place of worship back in 2012 for more than £600,000 and want to turn it into a space for community arts, exhibitions and business, as well as weddings, concerts and conferences.

However, in recent months, funds have been dwindling and until the Hyperclub came onboard last week it looked like it was the end of the road for the Partnership.

Tatiana Serrano, from Yes-U-Are, said: "We are very excited we can help the service, they represent exactly what we want this place to be like – a community hub.

"It's been very difficult to raise money, our name is not out there and we don't really have a face for the public.

"Hyperclub is very connected, they have such a history and there are a lot of people that use their service.

"We've just announced the partnership but the response has been fantastic already and we've already got people coming in next week to help!"

It's thought it will take about £3m to renovate the Erskine building.

Yes-U-Are would also like to create office space and rooms for other services and organisations in the community in the upper floor of the building.

It's hoped the Hyperclub improvements will spur on further funding.

"We've had small projects going but the money was running out," Tatiana added.

"I was told to look for another job before we come to the end of our financial year on July 31.

"It was heartbreaking as I thought the building was going to close.

"But I am committed to making something of this building; five years I've been here working on it.

"I think it would have been a huge shame to see it go to waste because of lack of money.

"With the Hyperclub on board it is looking positive – they have a great track record and it will benefit it us when we apply for funding.

"It's a great opportunity."