THE witchcraft trials of West Fife take centre stage as part of a new art exhibition in Dunfermline.

Artist Karen Strang will launch her new series of paintings at Fire Station Creative today (Thursday).

Fascinated by the "shameful" history of the witchcraft country she grew up in, she was inspired to create pieces of art to detail the shocking events that took place.

She said: "Having grown up in what was witchcraft country, it makes me feel both connected and rather disturbed at the same time.

"Although Scotland's shameful history regarding the witch trials is now past, there are still echoes of it in the exploitation, misogyny and violence against women throughout the world today.

"Regarding West Fife, I’m very drawn to certain settlements, such as Limekilns and Torryburn, for the same historical reasons."

Inspired by the complex history of the region, her new, large-scale, painting titled, ‘On Berrylaw’, depicts a well-known hill in Dunfermline.

It is set in the late Baroque period, some 50 years after the last trial, yet focuses on the legacies of magic, power games and sexual energy.

Karen, from Alloa, continued: "The villages around Dunfermline – Culross, Torryburn and Crossford – tell stories of enchantment and the occult, of standing stones and hellfire orgies.

"The appalling torture and execution of local women lay alongside the sophistication of the Scottish Court and its knowledgeable burghers.”

The exhibition, 'Ellen, Salt and Stone' will open to the public at 7pm.

Guests at the opening will be treated to a live jazz performance by Lithuanian duo Alchic, who studied at the Royal Conservatoire in Scotland.

The exhibition runs until Sunday, June 30, and entry is free.