A PAIR of enormous knickers have been making head's turn at the Sew Yarn Crafty store! 
The Bloomers on display at Dunfermline High Street have become the talking point of the town and ingeniously advertise the haberdashery's range of knicker elastic. 
Alongside the large pair of knickers on a washing line are a bra and a sign that reads: "We store the biggest range of kicker elastic this side of the Forth... Not forgetting our bra extenders, strap retainers and underwires!"
Shop owner Aileen Wright said: "People have offered to buy them! 
"We're watching people bump into each other because someone's stopped to take a look! 
"It's been a whole lot of fun!"
Aileen put the display up in the middle of the night last week. She asked a friend to make the biggest pair of knickers she possibly could! 
"They're fully functioning and elasticated!" Aileen explained. 
"I often put my displays up in the middle of the night and the next day we had some builders next door who thought it was hilarious! 
"We've had people bringing their grandchildren to have a look. One little boy said to me, 'Wow, this like the Entertainer but for old people!
"People come for miles to this shop because there are not many traditional haberdasheries around - we had a large delivery of knicker elastic and lots of people are into upcycling now and making underwear out of leftover elastic. 
"The thought just came to me to put a huge pair of kickers up.
"I don't know how I will top that one now! 
"I didn't realise how much would like it - it's seemed to capture the imaginations of men and children, not just women!" 
Sew Yarn Crafty will soon be making a display for the upcoming Dunfermline Children's Gala where they'll be a competition for the best display window. They're encouraging other shops to get involved.