VISITORS to Dunfermline are set to have a prettier journey into the town after funding was agreed which will help upgrade a busy roundabout.

Members of Fife Council's West Fife area Common Good Fund agreed an allocation of £5,500 which will be used by South Dunfermline Community Council to give the King Malcolm roundabout a makeover.

Head of Communities and Neighbourhoods Service Paul Vaughan said the Dunfermline Heritage Partnership had been looking at how to establish and grow Dunfermline and the surrounding area as an attraction for tourists since 2016.

"South Dunfermline Community Council would like to support this through its Dunfermline Southern Gateway Project," he said. "The King Malcolm Roundabout is currently overgrown with wild vegetation, ivy growing up trees and thistles and, as the southern entrance into the town, is not attractive to tourists."

The community council had asked for £11,000 towards the cost of clearing the roundabout of weeds and employing the services of a landscape architect to create an attractive entrance into the town and the Common Good Fund committee agreed to provide half of this.

Dunfermline South councillor James Calder said: “I know that the South Dunfermline Community Council has a great vision for the roundabout between the King Malcolm Hotel and the Pitreavie Industrial Estate. As a key gateway to Dunfermline with a lot of tourist traffic passing by this, it will really benefit Dunfermline as a whole.

“It was great to see that all the councillors on the West Fife Common Good subcommittee were supportive of this and there was enthusiasm for the community council’s efforts. I know the community council is continuing to look for funding from a variety of other organisations and I wish them the best of luck in this.”