A MAN who tried to continuously steal from residents in Rosyth has been jailed for 470 days.

Alexander Ferrier stole cash from a home in Caledonian Court and then just a few weeks later did the same thing again.

He also stole money from a car around the corner in Jutland Street.

Sheriff Charles Macnair told Ferrier that it must have caused the victim "considerable concern" to wake up and find someone had been in their home.

Ferrier, 47, of Primrose Lane, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday and was also made subject to an anti-social behaviour order for two years, preventing him from entering Jutland Street or Caledonian Court.

He previously admitted that on October 15, at Jutland Street, Rosyth, he entered an insecure motor vehicle and stole money.

And, on October 3, at Caledonian Court, Rosyth, he stole a sum of money.

And, on November 9 at Caledonian Court, he stole a sum of money and a bank card.

Also, having been granted bail on November 14 and 19 and made subject to the condition that he stay at his address from 7pm to 7am each day, on February 15 failed without reasonable excuse to comply in respect that he was not in his bail address at 2350 or did not answer the door to the police.

Sheriff Macnair said: "You went into a house twice within a few weeks and stole from that house.

"You also stole from a vehicle, albeit the sum in it was small.

"You were placed on bail and you breached that and you have already had a non-custodial disposal but you continue to offend.

"These offences and in particular the offending when you went into a house when it was occupied and stole a purse, for someone to find a stranger in their house when they are asleep, they should feel secure in the house.

"It must be of considerable concern to wake up to find out that someone had been in their house and stole their property.

"That goes far further than loss of the property concerned.

"A non-custodial sentence would be entirely inappropriate."