A DUNFERMLINE woman who says “I fear for my life” every time she wants to leave the house has sparked fresh concerns over a death trap road.

The local resident, who asked not to be named and lives on a lane just off Grange Road, between Dunfermline and Rosyth, hit out at speeding drivers who she said have been close to crashing into her vehicle.

The Dunfermline native only moved to the Grange Road area in March but road safety has caused her enough concern to call for action following several near misses and her cat being run over on the road last Friday.

Calls were previously made to close the road after a cyclist was killed there 11 years ago.

Dad-of-one Brian Taylor was heading to work at Stephen’s bakery in Primrose Lane in 2008 when he was involved in a collision with a car travelling in the opposite direction.

Just a year earlier, another life was lost on Grange Road after the death of policewoman Kirsty Allan, whose car overturned with her three-year-old son inside.

The woman told the Press: “The number of people speeding past is one too many. The 30 mph signs and rumble strips are there for a reason; people live there and it’s for everyone’s safety as well as your own.

“I’ve had a few close calls when driving out of my lane; one driver must have been going 50 mph, had to slam on his brakes and nearly hit me.

“He then decided to tail me down the rest of the road and gave me verbal abuse when we reached the next traffic lights.

“Since that time, I fear for my life every time I want to leave the house.

“I constantly hear screeching coming from the road.

“I don’t think people realise that people live here as it’s so narrow and like a country road.”

Over the years, the speed limit has been reduced on certain sections of the road as well as a weight limit being imposed to discourage lorries from using it.

She believes the only way forward is to install speed bumps, particularly beside residential properties, to force drivers to slow down.

She added: “Speaking to my neighbours, they’ve all said they see drivers constantly flying down the road.

“I’ve also seen people walking home drunk from Dunfermline; there are no lights and you’re just scared for them.

“Then my little cat got run over last week. All it takes is for one chancer to be a smart alec and one of us will lose our lives.”

Councillor Garry Haldane said: “I will speak to transport. It is a dangerous zone.”

Martin Kingham, roads network service manager said: “We’ve received an enquiry about this location and we’ll carry out an inspection of the road safety measures on Grange Road to make sure they are still intact.

“When we get in touch to discuss the resident’s concerns, we’ll also advise contacting Police Scotland on 101 to discuss the potential for local enforcement of the speed limit.”