A DUNFERMLINE councillor will be writing to the Health Minister calling for a review of A&E services at Queen Margaret Hospital.

The call has been prompted after an elderly driver fell ill at the wheel on Whitefield Road last Friday just beside the Dunfermline hospital but was then taken all the way to Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy for treatment.

When the Press broke the news online, many readers expressed their outrage on our Facebook page that the man was just feet from the entrance of the Queen Margaret but yet had to be transported 13 miles away and demanded that an A&E department should be back in Dunfermline.

George Eggo commented: "Shame on the clowns who run the NHS for not having the facilities to treat the man in the Queen Margaret ‘Hospital’, which is only 300 yards from where he took ill. Holyrood needs taken to task about the ludicrous decision to close the A&E. Pathetic."

David Drysdale added: "What an absolute joke he has to go all the way through to Kirkcaldy when he’s practically at the hospital. The way Dunfermline is increasing in size they should have an A&E again."

And Cat McCluskey said: "Ironic doesn’t doesn’t even touch the absurdity of this story. Poor gentleman."

Conservative councillor Gavin Ellis agreed. He told the Press: "There is continued growth in Dunfermline and we have got to get a review of emergency services at the Queen Margaret.

"That's how I feel and I think that's how residents feel. Friday's incident showed the sense in that.

"It's a city now, one of the fastest-growing in Scotland and it's sitting without an A&E.

"I think the time is right for a review. Somebody has got to ask the question.

"Hopefully there will be cross-party support for it.

"With the amount of building going on, how long can the Vic keep accommodating the growth?"

All of Fife's accident and emergency services were moved to Victoria Hospital in 2012, while a minor-injuries unit continued at other hospitals including Queen Margaret.

Last year, out-of-hours services were put in jeopardy when the provision was cut overnight in Dunfermline due to GP shortages, although it was announced last month that the service will be coming back.

Labour councillor Gary Haldane said: "It's absolutely ridiculous that we have a purpose-built maternity ward and it was never even used.

"It's ridiculous that Dunfermline has to travel to Kirkcaldy.

"But that is the Scottish Government's fault and I lie all the blame at Holyrood.

"I join Gavin Ellis in asking for a review."

SNP councillor Ian Ferguson said: "I was taken by ambulance to Kirkcaldy last year and with emergency services, you also have to have a number of dedicated experts which requires a huge amount of investment.

"However, it would be horrendous if someone died because they had to travel and I do know someone that gave birth on their way to Kirkcaldy.

"Emergency services are not there (Dunfermline) and it feels wrong.

"I think they made the wrong decision 25 years ago, Victoria Hospital should have not been built in the town centre, it should be closer and Dunfermline is bigger.

"I stood on the picket line but I now appreciate the huge amount of investment needed as a councillor.

"I think the lack of GPs is more of a challenge – all the surgeries are full and people are living with a cough for example for the best part of four weeks."